Algosensors 2011 Accepted Papers

Track A: Sensor Networks

  • Amotz Bar-Noy and Ben Baumer. Maximizing Network Lifetime on the Line with Adjustable Sensing Ranges
  • Asaf Cohen, Shlomi Dolev and Guy Leshem. Sensor Fusion: From Dependence Analysis Via Matroid Bases to Online Synthesis
  • Dongxiao Yu, Qiang-Sheng Hua, Yuexuan Wang and Francis C. M. Lau. Distributed (Δ+1)-Coloring in the Physical Model
  • Ittay Eyal, Idit Keidar and Raphael Rom. LiMoSense - Live Monitoring in Dynamic Sensor Networks
  • Jingzhe Du, Evangelos Kranakis, Oscar Morales Ponce and Sergio Rajsbaum. Neighbor Discovery in a Sensor Network with Directional Antennae
  • Kuan-Chieh Robert Tseng and David Kirkpatrick. On Barrier Resilience of Sensor Networks
  • Matthew P. Johnson and Alexander Gutfraind. Evader Interdiction and Collateral Damage
  • Meng Li, Yota Otachi and Takeshi Tokuyama. Efficient algorithms for network localization using cores of underlying graphs
  • Sebastian Abshoff, Andreas Cord-Landwehr, Bastian Degener, Barbara Kempkes and Peter Pietrzyk. Local Approximation Algorithms for the Uncapacitated Metric Facility Location Problem in Power-Aware Sensor Networks
  • Tiancheng Lou, Haisheng Tan, Yuexuan Wang and Francis Lau. Minimize the Average Interference Through Topology Control

Track B: Ad hoc Wireless and Mobile Systems

  • Amotz Bar-Noy, Prithwish Basu, Matthew P. Johnson and Ram Ramanathan. Minimum-cost Broadcast through Varying-size Neighborcast
  • Carme Alvarez, Josep Diaz, Dieter Mitsche and Maria Serna. Continuous Monitoring in the Dynamic Sensor Field Model
  • Guy Even, Yakov Matsri, and Moti Medina. Multi-Hop Routing and Scheduling in Wireless Networks in the SINR Model
  • Guy Even, Yaniv Fais, Moti Medina, Moni Shahar and Alexander Zadorojniy. Real-Time Video Streaming in Multi-hop Wireless Static Ad Hoc Networks
  • Magnus Halldorsson and Pradipta Mitra. Wireless capacity with arbitrary gain matrix
  • Tigran Tonoyan. On the Capacity of Oblivious Powers